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Fire Hazard Abatement & Debris Hauling in Fontana, California

In addition to fire hazard abatement, Kinco Weed Abatement in Fontana, California, also provides debris hauling services, tree trimming, and other services to mitigate fire risk.

Fire Hazard Abatement

When the city, county, or state requires that you eliminate fire hazards from your lot or barren property, we can help. If you have received a 30-day notice, it's time to give us a call. Let us prevent a forced clean-up, which involves additional fees and penalties.

Weed Mowing & Discing

We provide 1-time weed moving and discing to reduce or eliminate growth that can dry up and create a fire hazard. You can also opt for regularly scheduled services to keep your property weed free, safe, and pleasant looking for everyone.
Weed Mowing, Fire Hazard Abatement, Debris Hauling in Fontana, CA
Mowing in the wintertime will control the height of weeds and grass on your property. This reduces the fire hazard impact when it dries up in the summer months. Discing removes the roots of the weeds and the plant matter from the earth.

Other services

If you have litter or debris, we can patrol your property and haul it away. This prevents a fire hazard, as well as diminishes your liability for any resulting injuries due to unknown debris.

Tumble weeds can create a huge fire danger, and we can provide complete removal. We also offer tree trimming services to reduce fire damage spread, saving you the danger and expense of fire reclamation.
Contact us today to request a service for fire hazard abatement for your residential or rural property.